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Wont connect to the internet.


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Oct 16, 2011
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Ok so my mothers IPhone (lord knows I wont own one, though jail-breaking does make it.. ok nvm.)

Well she seems to get this problem now and then when it wont connect to the internet. Like now, Safari aint working, Apps aint updating, you cant access the AppStore. And so on. I just update Itunes, since that wouldn't even open either (on the computer). So we thought, Maybe updating it to IOS 5 will help. So once I started trying that, it said like "You have paid apps on here that have not been transfer ed to Itunes. So by this I guess IOS 5 update will wipe everything? So how do we get everything transferred and photos saved, ect. And to get her phone to work.

Please answer as soon as possible.
Thanks in Advanced.

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