With iCloud..why is the music on my iphone now in hiding ?

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    Ok Let me break this down... I have an iPhone 3gs that went through the laundry-Wash in May. I had it repaired and they were able to fix it all except two things; 1) Lousy reception.. on a good day it's now 35-40 % of what it used to be...on a good day I'll get two bars when 4 was the norm...
    and 2) I have absolutely no WI-Fi anymore.

    So last week I upgraded my iPhone 3GS to the new iOS5.. and hooked into iCloud. Everything was fine except for this....when I go to play any of my 2000+ tunes on my iPhone...I'm getting a message that I need to download my tunes from iTunes....or that my iPhone now synchs via WIFI with my iMac...(I have no Wifi remember).

    Also when I dock my iPhone to my iMac.. it registers/shows on the data space bar at the bottom that I have 9 Gigs of tunes on my iPhone... but it can't find any tunes..just a message that I have no content and that I have to download my music from iTunes..and that I now synch by WIFI with my iMac.

    There is probably a simple answer to this isn't there ?
    I have now deleted my iCloud account as I think there are still Apple bugs to be worked out. Maybe I'll try again in 6 months.. but right now I just want to play my tunes right from my iPhone.

    How do I get my music to pay again FROM my iPhone device itself......not the iCloud.


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