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Wiries about WhatsApp and others like it

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Mar 18, 2011
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A while back installed WhatsApp after an 'invite' by a contact. I accepted it looking at my contacts but never expected or was warned it would then contact all of them, givng all my email and phone numbers.

We all have people we know but rather not speak to, being a small business owner their are clients that are simply to much effort and i was shocked to be accused of' 'spamming'.

be careful out there - App Deleted

i don'gt social networking such as face book or twitter, at the time i loaded it the wife had an android, i thought if we are parted on holiday due to illness whatever, be a cheap way to communicate.

suggest others learn from my experience and say No if asked to access you contacts by ANY app.

i have complained and removed the app, i like many others keep sensitive info on my phones, i know some have passwords kept in phone number sots.

be dead easy to transmit that to every contact you ave!

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