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Why Ensquared Insurance for your iPhone!


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Oct 25, 2010
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Delray Beach USA

1. Ensquared is recognized as one of the leading Internet and B to B insurers of wireless devices in the USA and Canada. This is evidenced by the high ratings given to our Site www.ensquared.com and www.ensquared.ca on Google, Bing and Yahoo for key search terms such as http://www.ensquared.com/iphone_catalogiPhone insurance, phone insurance, cell phone insurance and mobile
phone insurance etc.

2. We are the innovators of of the first ever US Phone Insurance Calculator© copyrighted in 2009 and is still a feature of our business from an informational perspective.

3. Integral to our coverage is the close connection to Fortegra theunderwriters of Ensquared policies. Fortegra is listed under (FRF) on the NYSE and their Web Site is http://www.fortegra.com/ In additionFortegra is rated B++ (Good) by AM Best. This should give you substantial comfort in knowing that coverage has the highest level of integrity.

4. Our Claims center is open 24/7 and is dedicated to customer service. This can be contacted through our customer service number 1 888 406 7925 EXT 2 (on our Web Site), in addition to our support center (EXT 1) for any questions open everyday of the week 9am to 7pm EST except Sundays.

We can assure you of excellent service. As an important corporate account both our Claims and our Underwriter will be made fully aware of the need to address your needs with priority

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