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Who's buying the AppleCare Protection Plan?

Will you purchase the AppleCare Protection Plan for iPhone 4?

  • Yes!

    Votes: 46 36.8%
  • No!

    Votes: 55 44.0%
  • Not Sure Yet!

    Votes: 24 19.2%

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May 27, 2010
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Who's buying the AppleCare Protection Plan with their iPhone?
I'm not sure yet. I want to get the Squaretrade Insurance and don't know if it is worth it to get the Apple Care also. And if I get Squaretrade and Apple Care, and decide to have Apple fix a tech problem and they have to replace the device, will Squaretrade cover that new device I got?
i was offered it but i dont need it, my other two iphones i had just fine i dropped a tone of times but they worked just fine and did through the years, but its only 60 pounds extra
I didn't get it as well because Apple automatically covers the first year so you're only paying for the 2nd year. I figure that I will upgrade my phone to the latest version after a year.
It just depends o the person's lifestyle. If youre prone to dropping the crap outta it then it would make sense to buy it but if youre the careful type then its not worth the money. I didnt buy.
Does the additional apple care coverage replacing screens if they get cracker or what ever? If not what would I need for that?
I bought an apple care agreement. The nice plus side to it is after the first 90days you can walk into an apple store and don't have to do mail only trade in for issues
Yeah but even with the apple care, its still freaking 200 bucks at the least to replace a broken screen and besides that, what other problems would you have? There isnt any software problem that cant be fixed by a restore. A faulty hardware problem can occur but is very rare. (no the antenna doesnt count). Apple care is kind of a scam. Notice i said "kind of"

But yes, its a scam...

Kind of...

Not really...

Okay yeah it is.
I don't think it's a scam you get 2 years of hardware repair for a few extra bucks. I had a 3GS that one line in the touch screen went bad. If I had AT&T insurance I would have had to pay a deductible to get it fixed...plus time without a phone. Apple overnighted me a phone and credited me for mine. No it won't cover dropping it in a beer or on the parking lot. Also take into consideration it will cost around the same amount for a 3rd party company to fix a broken screen...and void your warranty than just let apple fix it the right way. Scam no.... Unnecessary..... You decide :)
so if apple themselves dont even supply the white how did they get it? with out modding the black one
I actually have a "rider" on my homeowners policy in case the phone is lost or stolen. We have two phones and it runs about $80 a year. It does not cover damage though...
purchased squaretrade the other day...got a nice follow up phone call and they are even sending me and my wife free cases cause we got the iphone 4...piece of mind is all i can say...