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Whoopi Goldberg Smashes her iPhone 4!


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Jun 18, 2010
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Whoopi Goldberg has publicly declared her frustration at her iPhone 4 on The View this morning, confessing that she has "murdered" it!
"This was far more than some antenna problem," she told her fellow Viewsters, according to a report on CBSNews.com's "Celebrity Circuit" blog. "It threw away e-mails that I got. It didn't take stuff in. I took that bad boy, I opened the car door..." she then mimed smashing the phone on the sidewalk. Possibly a little drastic, even though she explains that it actually cut out while she was doing an on-air interview!

Although Whoopi says that both she and fellow The View co-host Joy Behar have iPads which they love, clearly one dropped call too many has finally pushed her over the edge, and obviously she didn't want to wait to get her free case! Just wait until she discovers that email sometimes disappears from the iPad too - we could be looking at a double Apple device "murder"!

Source: CBSNews.com
Oh My Gosh!!! How dare it drop a call! LOL It must not have known it was Whoopi On The Air!!

Well there always plan b
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