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who like angry birds?

Lol can someone enlighten me what the purpose of Angry Birds on GameCenter is?
I mean all u can really do is compare scores :(
That game is fun but it makes me feel dumb. I think its really hard on the second set of levels.
it does get hard. and addictive, i drained my battery playing that last night for 59p its good
I've never heard of this game before now, but i checked it out and OMG I'm already hooked. Nice!
Its a great game! maybe we should have a score chart up! LOL
avatar is a real good one as well, only 59p. well worth it. i thought it would suck but got it because it was so cheap. but its actually good
Has anyone had any issues with acheivements not showing in Game Center for angry birds? Its doing my head in, it has transferred all of my achievements apart from one which is 'finish world 11', which I did prior to getting game center, any ideas?

Ive tried logging out and logging back in and

doing the last level on world 11

QuistySnr the same thing is happening to me. If you sort it let me know pls.
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This is the best game ever! Im so hoked. And possible the best spent money I have ever spent :)