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WHAT'S NEW in iOS 6: Facebook Integration Walkthrough


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA

In iOS 6 Apple and Facebook have finally joined forces to bring you Facebook integration into iOS. Similar to that of Android, Facebook now syncs your Address Book with all of your Facebook friends. You can now have their most recent profile picture and information show up on your iDevice without even having to open Facebook. If you've used the Twitter integration in iOS 5, this is very similar. You can quickly post a status from your Notification Center or anywhere where you can share a link, photo, etc. Apple has added a Status Widget into the Notification Center where you can tap it to update your Facebook Status. Sharing photos from your Photos app works the same as it did with Twitter which is very useful. Other cool things include asking Siri to update your status for you verbally. Facebook Integration is built into iOS 6 and will debut in Fall 2012 with the final release.
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Apr 7, 2012
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My concern is can you turn off the add friends to address book option. My wife made the mistake of using the Facebook integration on her droid and she had to delete 200+ contacts that she didn't want. Personally I don't want my Facebook friends in my address book because I don't need to talk to 97% of them. The other 3% are already in my book.

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