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What is the price of an iPhone 4


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Dec 26, 2012
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I would like to sell my iPhone 4 ,which has been used for 2 years.
How much does it worth?
It would also depend on which type of iPhone 4. The 4 is split into GSM an CDMA unlike the 4S and above which has a global or dual band version. GSM iPhone 4's will go for a little than CDMA 4's

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I've seen people getting anywhere from 100 dollars to 200 dollars for the 16GB version. That's what they sell for in my area at least. I would personally attempt to sell it for 180 obo. That's just me though!
I stripped mine and filled it with music when I bought my 5s. It's enjoying a new lease of life as an iPod.
That's what my iPhone 5 is currently being used as.. Although, I have been meaning to get to installing the new beta OS on it.

I miss iOS, but this bigger screen has me Spoiled. Can't wait to see if the new iPhone 6 has a bigger screen! Regardless, I will be returning to iOS