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What is the easiest way to transfer all of my data when upgrading to a new iPhone?


Oct 29, 2014
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I am upgrading from an iPhone 4 to an iPhone 6. When I turn on the phone, it takes me through a set up process. Wouldn’t a faster way to set up the iPhone be to create a backup and then restore that backup to the new phone? Or is it only possible to restore a backup to the same iPhone model (i.e., back to an iPhone 4 rather than to an iPhone 6)?
I always use the method of restoring the new iPhone from the backup of my old iPhone and it works every time to restore everything that was on the old iPhone to the new iPhone.
Thank you both. Please note I am using a very old iPhone (iPhone 4). I do not believe I can use iCloud to transfer to an iPhone 6 because my iPhone is running iOS 7.1.2. I believe I was told somewhere that only the OS on the iPhone 4S and later supports iCloud.
So that leaves me with the iTunes option. Can someone simplify the process for me? I was reading Apple’s web page and literally got dizzy reading all of the information. Is it basically the same process as synchronizing (creating a back up) of my current iPhone 4 and then restoring it back to my iPhone 4, except that rather than restore it to my iPhone 4, I restore it to my iPhone 6?
Do I need to repurchase all of my apps?
When you connect your iPhone to iTunes on your computer and go to the summary page for the iPhone, one of the buttons visible is a backup button. Tap that button and iTunes will create and store a full backup of your iPhone. Then, when you connect your new iPhone to iTunes, you'll be given the choice of setting it up as a new iPhone or from a previous backup. Choose the backup of your old iPhone and everything in the backup will be installed on your new iPhone. This should include all installed apps along with the app data, your photos, music, movies, and TV shows as well as your contacts.
You don't have to repurchase any of your previously purchased apps, they'll be installed as part of the restore from your backup. Any previously purchased apps not currently on your iPhone are available for free download from your App Store purchase history. This also applies to all previously purchased iTunes content, which is available in your iTunes purchase history.
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