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What do you use to put music on your iphone?

Think you have to use itunes. Doing that as we speak.
iTunes is easy to use one can create playlists so that your music is managed upload Picts, applications music and movies etc. Further more it backs up your iphone.
Have a look at this link on our iPad forums site. I realize it is for the iPad however the same method applys. I have requested we have a special thread for beginners on this site similar to this one. Also be aware itunes does have a very informative help section in the menus. Hope this helps
Col. Australia
I don;t mind using itunes at all. It just that it has things i don't really need, which make it slow for me haha
Mabye iphone 4 conveter?I think through Google search engine and Apple discussion can find much iphone 4 player.
No there are alternatives to iTunes but I did not try them so dunno if they are any good.