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What do I do with a QR code?


Oct 29, 2014
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I took photos at a wedding and got a card from the photographer with a black and white square and an annotation that states “Scan to Download” and “scan the QR code.” Am I supposed to take a photo of the code with my iPhone? If so, what do I then do with the photo?
You will need to download a QR reader from the app store and then scan the bar code given to you. It more than likely will lead to a website.
The QR code most likely contains an embedded URL. A QR reader, as xrayeyes recommended, will read the QR code and pass the URL to Safari which will open the intended web page. QR codes are easier to print and easier for the end-user to use, since they don't need to sit and type in a long URL.
QR. codes can be a number of things, but as stated earlier it's most likely a web address. Here is a screenshot of my QR scanner in create mode whic shows the possibilities:


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