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What Country / Region are you from?

What Country/Region are you from?

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Jun 15, 2010
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Gold Coast Australia
I have started this poll to get some idea of the demographics of members. Please note it is by regions but in saying that due to number of users in North America I have shown USA and Canada separate. We can only list. 10 regions total.

Thank you in advance for participating

Many thanks Col
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Thanks its good to have found a dedicated iphone 4 forum, i used to be on hackint0sh but its not very busy there:)

yes i do spend a few hours a day here so far, i guess im just exited about the new iphone lol..

my back ground? what do you mean?
I find it funny that you made it USA/MEXICO as if Mexico was part of the US.
Well either I put Mexico with USA or put it with south America pol limit was 10. Lol. As for great britain I think that's funny. You are right but this is just an open poll
it is part of the usa just it has borders and its not officially a part of it. but the land is connected right?;p
Los Angeles, CA. Yes Mexico is connected to a few U.S. states but there's a border separating the countries.