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What AT&T plan do you have?


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Jun 26, 2010
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Chicago, IL
Thought this would be interesting, what AT&T plan and data plan do you have?
I plan to get the 450 minute plan with the 2GB Data and unlimited texting. And I get a student discount.
I am not sure about my minutes and text I really don't use the phone as a phone that much lol. I made them grandfather me on the unlimited intrawebs tho for sure. Not sure if that is the greatest idea or not I have been using this thing on wifi quite a bit.
If all goes well, I'll be purchasing the familytalk 1400 minutes w/rollover and 2GB data plan and familytalk texting plan since there will be two iphones purchased.
I've been grandfathered into the Unlimited data plan but I'm not sure if I really need it though at this point. I could just get the 250MB and save $15 every month. As for the minutes, I think I have 700 minute family plan.
900 Anytime minute plan.
Unlimited Text
Unlimited Data

All said and done my bill is around 125.00$ a month.
850 Anytime Plan
200 Texts
Unlimited Data

Get a 12% discount with my company which is nice
WSAD - you pay more for limited minutes than I do for unlimited. If you are in the USA, I suggest you check into unlimited and save $6 a month.....
Unlimited data and text. Voice time is on a corporate data pool rate. My department gets debited around $55/month.
Eh, I don't talk on the phone much many text and stuff. The plan I have is 60.00$ a month. But 30 more internet and another 20 for texts. Then 8$ or so more for damn tax.
450 min, iv used no more that 300 in a month
200 text, i sometimes get close but never gone over
and grandfathered the unlimited Data
as of today i have a little over 3K rollover min
$85 a month