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Welcoming Iphone users


Jul 18, 2010
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I am a member of one of the sister sites. As a former iphone user I know what features it offers and the goods. I want to invite apple users to this thread to discuss their love of the device. It will be to allow people to discuss in an intelligent way the goods/bads and any thing they like about apple.
The thread is dedicated as a thread with both apple and android so that people on the rocks can get an assessment and decide with out getting flamed. I know that some android sites if you mention apple you will be stoned.
This forum and thread is safe and all comments (as long as its intelligent and does not call the other os a pos, or say it sucks). are welcomed. It is ok to say why you chose one o.s. over another.
This thread is on a separate site to keep android fanboys from flaming your forum.

Thanks and I look forward to seeing your views.

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iPhone 4 rocks. Where else can you do facetime and talk to anyone in the world without paying for voice or data charges?
you can on other phones but you have to download a program like fringe, i used to on my nokia n97 but the front cam sucks and it did not let you use the back camera, though it was meant to be 5mp it was more like 1mp
Disclaimer: Mac guy here, since 1986--Mac SE, two floppy drives!

I love pretty much everything about my iphone4. Had the first-day, 3GS iterations and this is by far the best of all. Even though I had and liked those phones, to me they were more of Lifestyle device, not as "serious" or useful in my daily work life (nor as easy to do email) as blackberry. And I had about 4 or 5 of those as well (still have a special place in my heart for the Pearl). I also had a few windoze mobile os phones (for oh about a day--just awful).

To me this has become the most useful device--easy convergence wig laptop/desktop/iPad--and wife's iPhone. Beautiful form factor, I Just want to handle it all the time. The two clinchers for me, though, which caused me to abandon blackberry for good are the stunning display (preferential to even iPad for me), and the improved quality of the apps available.

Oh and as for the signal thing: all phones i've ever had experience the same thing--HTC the WORST (granted that was an old old model)--less so the pearl. I have noticed a signal loss when I'm down to one bar, which is bad coverage anyway, but I attribute most of my dropped calls to AT&T, which, again, is about the same as any other service.

This phone is simply amazing.