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We just hit 500 members, congrats!


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May 27, 2010
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I'm sure I speak for the entire Administration team and Moderation team when I say thank you to the members of this site.

We have just hit 500 members and the site is really only a week or so old. That is tremendous growth, not to mention we get thousands of "lurkers" every day who don't register (hint hint.... register, it's quick and free)

Congratulations also to mjg094 for being our 500th member!

Thank you to the community for providing a fun and relaxing place to discuss the iPhone 4. It's you guys that make this a truly great place to chill and learn about the iPhone 4 at your own pace, whatever it may be.

Here's to hoping the next 500 and the thousands beyond that are just as great!
I actually use the forum on my phone 99 percent of the time. Didn't even notice a number. There is actually an app for the forum called tapatalk. Very nice app
Thanks, had a great time. Mind you took till the following day to get iOS4, comes out at 6 so what time does the cafe with wifi and the beer close? You guessed it.
Very cool! Maybe we'll hit the 1000 Mark by July 1st! :)
Not surprising at all I think, it's one of the best iPhone 4 sites around, it has a great domain, and the admins are actually pretty helpful.

Let's see how longer it takes to get 1000 :)