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'Watch This Homerun' is a Homerun Derby Game for the Apple Watch


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA
We know they're coming, and by "they" I mean Apple Watch games. While the Apple Watch display won't be able to fit much content all at once, we know that developers are at the drawing boards trying to make games work on the tiny device.

Eyes Wide Games is one developer willing to take on the challenge that is making games for the Apple Watch. On Wednesday, Eyes Wide Games announced that its home run derby game will be coming to the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch game is cleverly titled Watch This Homerun, with emphasis on the word "watch". In Watch This Homerun, players will take control of the bat, using accurate taps, to hit balls thrown by the pitcher.

The game will also feature several different difficulty modes where players will have to hit fastballs, curveballs and knukleballs. Eyes Wide Games says that Watch This Homerun will be available at launch on April 24th for the Apple Watch.

Source: Touch Arcade

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