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Watch a Crazy Person Utterly Destroy a $10,000 Gold Apple Watch Edition with Magnets


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Jul 27, 2011
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We are frequently sharing videos of folks come up with creative ways to destroy new technology, but this latest one takes things to a very expensive new level. The creators of the video used two dangerously powerful neodymium magnets to utterly crush a brand new $10,000 Gold Apple Watch Edition.

We can't fathom why they didn't just use one of the Apple Sport versions to show the same effect, but some folks simply have money to burn. What do you think of this crazy video?
WHY??. I wonder if AppleCare+ covers this type of damage.
I don't understand why these youtubers do stuff like this.. because they sure as hell won't be seeing the 10k back from youtube ads. Utter craziness.
ALL I CAN SAY IS "WHY"!!!!!!!!!!!

Some idiots have more money than brains, that's why.

Word of advise, be very careful when playing with these uber powerful magnets. At a local Hamfest (amateur radio convention), I watched a guy buy 2 of these magnets, much smaller than the ones in the video. He put one in his left pocket, the other in his right pocket. He walked about 5 feet and dropped to the ground screaming in pain. The magnets came together and smashed his thing..... Called 911 and the ambulance took him away.