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VPN stability on iOS 5


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Feb 6, 2011
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How is the VPN stability on the new iOS 5? On previous version of iOS VPN would auto disconnect 30s after screen turn off sometimes regardless to whatever is running in the background when the screen goes off, I found it very annoying since I need to my push emails to come over VPN, it was one of the reasons I jailbreak and installed insomia to keep VPN always alway connected, now I'm on iOS 5 GM and I on my VPN since about 1h now, the screen was on sleep mode for about 25mn then use it for 15mn or so an leave it alone again, I took it now and notice that the VPN is still on, nothing is running on the background, I just enable push notifications an emails like I always had it on previous iOS. I'm very surprise to see the VPN still on, I will try to leave it all the day and see it if will eventually disconnect it self or not. I didn't hear anything about VPN issue solve amount those 200 new features so i want to make sure that it's not just a random stability of VPN that I'm having now but it's for good from now going on, is anyone here heard about how VPN is and will be doing on iOS 5? Any positive confirmation will be great and allow me to reply on the VPN and set my exchange email account to auto push/fetch email with a peace in the mind.

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