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VPN 'on' since 9.0 update (iphone 6)


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Oct 7, 2015
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I keep turning it 'off' and then shortly it will reappear as being 'on'. It is not something I use so how can I turn it 'off' so it will stay 'off'. Or is there any harm or problem caused by having it 'on' but not actually activated? Thnx.
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My VPN in Settings - General says "Not Connected". There's no option to turn it off, except for adding a VPN connection, which I didn't. My iOS is 9.0.2.
Welcome to iPhoneForums!

My VPN in Settings - General says "Not Connected". There's no option to turn it off, except for adding a VPN connection, which I didn't. My iOS is 9.0.2.
In IOS 8.3 it is the same-Not connected.
In IOS 8.3 it is the same-Not connected.
Thanks for the replies. Actually mine is 9.0.2 also. In my Settings there is a line showing VPN and the slide button, which functions, and will move to the left and will no longer be 'green'. After touching the Home button the slide button immediately moves to the right and turns green and "connecting" appears and then disappears. I guess it makes no difference to me as I have not connected to a VPN and don't have one available that I am aware of.. I thought maybe I was doing something wrong. Guess not. Oh well.
Actually, it may matter. Depending on the terms of your wireless contract. Perhaps you have a VPN loaded on your phone but not used. A spotlight search could help you find that out and you could remove it. Because if you have never used a VPN it should show what. JA and I show. Maybe your wireless provider or business added this.
This is what I read on the Apple site:
Turn VPN on or off. After you create a VPN configuration, the option to turn VPN on or off appears in Settings. When you connect using VPN, the VPN icon appears in the status bar. If you use multiple VPN configurations, you can switch configurations using Settings > General > VPN.
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I have had my iPhone for just over two months so am really a newbie and I'm sort of stumbling along and need and appreciate your help. I use Verizon as it offers best coverage in the Colorado mountains. Just a few days ago, after the latest updating, I noticed the "VPN" appear at the top of the screen following the Verizon signal strength 'dots' and before the 'time'. Not there for about 8 weeks and suddenly there. I have made no changes to my service. Spotlight search for 'vpn' found only my postings to this forum, and nothing else. Verizon shows nothing other than my account as I started with. No additions of any kind. I also talked to our local Verizon seller and she googled 'VPN won't turn off in 9.0.2 iPhone6' and got some hits and says apparently I am not the only one having this occur, but she didn't have the ready solution, and suggested Apple help line, which I am going to try. I will add to this post if I get a solution, as others may need it also. Thanks.
I think I found the reason for the VPN showing up on my iPhone 6. The clue is under Settings/General and scrolling down near the bottom of that long list. VPN appears. In my case it shows that I am using the VPN that operates the new Apple AdBlock function, which I installed. No mention at that time of it using a VPN. The VPN server is vpn.adbl0ck.com, and other addresses and acct. numbers follow and at the bottom is "Connect on Demand" slide switch, which sets to 'on' automatically. Just above that line is "Connect time", which apparently shows how many seconds of usage, perhaps, or some other total, as it is running now as this is being typed. I'd like to know more about what exactly it is totaling. It just went off and restarted the totaling process anew from zero seconds. Anyhow, in my case my selecting to have the new Adblocking in place is what triggers the VPN. It can be stopped and removed at this same place, apparently. Hope this helps others. Roving
Adblock is not an Apple app, it is a private developer app available in the Apple App Store. Reading the reviews others complain about inappropriate VPN use. I would delete this and do a little research before adding an ad blocking app.
At that time I had the impression that this was an Apple product. There have been some writings about Apple's ad blocking ruffling marketer's feathers and it was an easy assumption at the time that this was it. No harm done and solved a VPN appearance problem for me and others, perhaps. Now we know where to go to solve the problem if it reappears.
With iOS 9, Apple began to allow users to use ad blocking apps for the first time. That is the rumbles you remember. All apps in the Apple Store are approved for use by Apple but all apps need owners to be aware of what they add. Ad blocking ability was welcomed by many iPhone users but there are other apps getting better reviews by many in articles and the App Store. I am not sure about allowing a developer to add and control use over my VPN settings when the app does not need VPN for the function the app was downloaded. Your choice, of course.
Thanks for your thoughts and input. That is how us new folks learn.
Ty for taking it that way! Former occupational hazard makes me a bit preachy but you gave me the benefit of doubt and saw what I meant!
There is no option to disable it in order to add a VPN connection, I'm not an exception. My IAA 9.0.2.