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"Voice-over" took over my iphone ...


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Nov 15, 2022
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Today I asked Siri to read something I had looked up on the web using Safari while I was sitting in very slow moving traffic. Siri said it could not because I was Driving and because I was Driving, I could not read it. So I asked Siri to turn on some app or widget to read it to me. Siri complied and turned on Voice-Over. Well I couldn't figure out how to get it to turn off, so being "smart" I restarted my iphone. That was the worst thing I could have done. I tried everything I could think of to unlock my phone, but was unsuccessful. I finally called Apple Care and they were able to talk me through the process of unlocking my phone and shutting off Voice-Over. It turns out that Voice-Over is for blind people so they can use an iPhone. And there are specific ways to operate a phone using Voice-Over. Thank goodness for the knowledgeable folks at Apple Care.


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Feb 8, 2013
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I am sure after soeaking with Apple you are aware of the Accessibility section in your device’s Settings. Take a look at the whole list, they also have accomodations for other ”impairments” or needs. Some you may want to ustilize right now. For Instance, I have activated LED Flash for Alerts because I frequently miss tones and notification sounds when my iphoje is innmy purse or I am in a noisy location. There are a lot of other things there you might want to explore.