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Mar 18, 2011
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Unleashed said:
nicely done! i was kind of interested in what they where trying to get me to do.. sort of play dumb until i see what it is they where going to try do but i end up telling them i know they are trying to scam me and before i finish they hang up and eventually they get the message even after a few of them call they probably cross the number off the list to say this number wont fall for the tricks

Been a lot of interest lately in the UK press about scam mail coming through the letter box. Official looking letters with 'you have won manny thousands of £.

many of these scammers couch respectability by having legitimate contracts with respected mail delivery firms, Royal Mail even allow overseas firms to have packaging that is produced to make the the recipient think it has come from a legitimate UK resident company, I winder what on earth can be the justification for such a service?

They should rethink this policy, one elderly and overly trusting victim was fleeced of many thousands of pounds by cruel scammers, fooled because she believed the Queens postal service would not do or be part of anything like that.

People, just be aware protecting yourself and others, please treat any unsolicited contact bearing promises of wealth with highest caution, if you respond you get to be put on tha 'mugs' lust and likely will only lead to tears, often far less wealth - best wise up, or do you really believe they would give you money for nothing?

The above works on kindness or plain greed,the 'scare mail/call' is simply a variation where they cause you to doubt your defences.

often you are persuaded to download a 'free system check'. Be aware, unless offered by a respected known name like Norton, AVG by doing so you could allow a hidden code to cause fear nag pop ups telling you of several hundred problems - pay for the registered version to be cleaned - but all these 'faults' will likely be false.

The constant pop up's may not be a harmful virus or do direct damage, but frequency can make your machine all but unusable.

Run a reputable anti virus program - and trust that is my advice.