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Vine is Finally Upgrading the Video Quality of its Clips from 480p Resolution to 720p


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Nov 27, 2012
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Vine has finally decided that its 5-second looping clips deserve to be upgraded to 720p instead of the previous 480p standard. Speaking on the official blog of the company, Mike Kaplinskiy said the following:

“We’ve been working on technical upgrades that support Vines in higher quality. If you have an iPhone, the posts you create and upload will support our new high quality format.”

The new 720p format offers a resolution of 1,280-by-720 pixels, which is a serious improvement over the 480p standard of 640-by-480 pixels. Thus, with three times more pixels, 720p Vines videos are sharper and less fuzzy.

You can also use your iPhone’s front-facing FaceTime HD-ready camera to share your 720p videos on Vine; however, it may be important to note that 720p video also produces bigger files. Regardless, your Vines will look much better now.

Source: Vine
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