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Jul 10, 2010
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Vegas baby!!!
how do i post a video from my iphone 4, onto facebook. anyone please help
many thanks.
It was my understanding that one of facebook's most recent app updates was the enabling of video uploading. I could be wrong so dont hold me to it but last time i checked, you go into news feed then click on the camera icon next to where you input your status and choose pic/video upload (should be same button for both).

I should have double checked before replying but w/e, ill double check now.

UPDATE: i was semi correct. The button is labled "choose from library" and yes you can upload iphone 4 videos. And yes i just took a five second video of my room in the dark and posted it on facebook for everyone to question my sanity. Youre welcome.
why not:
transfer video to MAC OR PC through iTunes
upload it to facebook with easy then/?
any better solution?
thanks Alude 904, it worked,
and to Leap Year, i was trying to upload the video via iphone, wasnt at the house, :)
You can also use photobucket or any other IMG hosting site. Then post the URL on FB. Both ways work pretty well.