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Dec 29, 2015
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Hi members ,
i am new here , and i have one issue ...............

i have 2 iphone , i had a app Video D/L in my iPhone and i think its was the best app to download any video from online , i was using this app from 1 year .............but now this app was removed from apple app store . now i format my iphone 6 and after that i lost that app ....... can any one know any good video downloader for iphone ????

2 question ...... the same app i have in my other iphone 5 , and that app working fine , i want to install that app to my iphone 6 , is any method to transfer this app from iphone 5 to iphone 6 , i am trying a lot but fail to transfer ,
i made backup iphone 5 in itunes and than restore iphone 6 from that backup , but i can able to get this in new iphone 6 ???? Any Solution ????