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vibrate on new message


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Nov 6, 2010
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this is very dissapointing, there have been so many threads about. how do u make it so when u recieve a new text message, the phone vibrates, i set the switch on the side to silent and i chose NONE in the ring settings and it still dont work.
When mines is on silent it vibrates. Make sure vibrate is set to on in the sound menu in settings...
hey gaz, so in settings, under the silent heading, i turn vibrate ON, and under on the ring settings i put vibrate ON and i put new text message on NONE and i have the volume bar at the middle.. should i change the bar to zero? and i also have the silent button on
In 'Settings', 'Sounds', 'New Text Message' you MUST select and option other than 'None'. If you have the Silent switch on the phone activated and the vibrates modes on, the phone will not make a sound but will vibrate when a new text is received.
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You can only get your phone to virbarate with a text message when you've flicked the switch to silent. The very first setting in the sound menu must be set to on for it to vibrate...