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Verizon cant support similtanous voice and data one the iphone 5

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Feb 5, 2011
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Can't believe it but it's true

AT&T has confirmed to us that its version of the iPhone 5 does indeed support the feature, whether on HSPA+ or LTE (though the phone will not be able to use LTE speeds while on a call). Since Apple says that Sprint and Verizon will be offering the same version of the iPhone 5, it's safe to say that simultaneous voice and data will not be available on Sprint's network either. We have reached out to Sprint and will update this post if we receive a comment.

For Verizon users, this means if you have LTE data active, and you need to take/make a call, it will switch to EV-DO, which doesn't support simultaneous voice+data, so you lose your data connection. For AT&T users, it will switch from LTE to HSPA+.
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