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Using iPhone 4s with Dropbox and spreadsheets


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Jul 9, 2012
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I receive spreadsheets via a shared file in Dropbox, these spreadsheets contain client phone numbers within some of the cells. What i am looking for is a spreadsheet app that will allow me to either just click on the phone number to call the client or at least copy then paste to the phone dialer. My BB allowed me to just click to call (that was nice) With my Android i needed to copy and paste, but am unable to do either with the 4s. I purchased Sheet2 last night and although a nice app it will do neither. Anybody using an app that have this feature?
I also would like the file to open in the app from dropbox rather then the default program that iphone opens it in and then be able to save it back to the shared dropbox file. I have been searching for a way to change that on the iphone but have not found an option. Any help would be great. Thanks