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URGENT HELP cant sync family videos


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Jul 11, 2010
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Hi guys i was wondering if you could help me,i have some family videos on my laptop and want to be able to sync them to my iphone 4, i have done the usual thing by adding them in with my photo album and they show on my itunes and have been tick as well,but everytime i click the sync tab they never apear on my phone,i was wondering if you guys know how to do this.
What format are your videos? I would suggest you convert to one of these formats H.264, MPEG-4, .mp4, .m4v, .mov then it should move them over. If thats not it post back and we will try something different.
Hi dannyboy thanx for ya help last night but i havent resolved the situation, me and my hubby check the video files of my home vids and we managed to change them to mov format and now they have the itunes icon attached to them, and we managed to get them to play on itunes last night which we could not do before as they where just listed by title.
After wards we tryed to sync them to my phone but no joy.
Can you help me anymore on what to do?
did you ad the files to the itunes library then press sync? how did you try upload theme exactly?

secondly i would use mp4 its the best format imo for the iphone
I managed to get them on my phone in the end lol thanx. You said about changing your videos to mp4 can u do that on the phone?
what did you do to syn it?:)

wht do you mean? convert them on the phone? as far as i know now, you convert it ont he pc/mac the sync with itunes