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Unable to restore iPhone Please Help!!!


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Dec 8, 2011
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Can somebody please help me with restoring my iphone 4 *it is currently in a recovery mode loop and is running ios 5 and is tethered jailbroken with resn0w. I have tried everything to resore it and it just wont work i need to get it back into working order urgently as i need it for work. i tried restoring it and it comes up with error 3149 i run tiny umbrella tss server and then it gives me a 2005 error i have tried the just boot tethered option with redsn0w... it wont work i have tried getting it out of recovery with tiny umbrella... wont work. please can it would be really appreciated if someone could help me. Thanks in advance


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Nov 22, 2010
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I'm truly sorry about your situations, Tech..., and I can't help. I hope you can get advice from others on how to resolve your situation. My comment is simply that I have read SO MANY postings about problems, problems, problems, after jail-breaking a perfectly working iPhone. Why do it, esp. on a device that's NEEDED for work, main home use, etc? Anyway, off my soapbox....

Really, hope you get this fixed, Tech....