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UK’s Telegraph Newspaper App No Longer Free Since Update


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Jun 18, 2010
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The UK’s Telegraph newspaper has today announced an updated version of its iPhone app which, aside from adding such improvements as full screen photo galleries, videos, and the ability to download content to read offline, now puts the app behind a pay wall, which has disappointed some of the app's readers. Before the update, it was completely free to use; now it will cost £1.99/$2.99 per month, or £20 per year. New users of the app can get a free month’s trial before they start paying. It’s not that expensive a fee, granted, but probably a bit irksome if you’ve been enjoying the app for free up until now.

The newly updated app features 24-hour news, sports and business coverage; video highlights from Premier League soccer matches, courtesy of ESPN, as well as all the stats; the Markets Live finance section that features top share prices and data from world markets; and a customizable homepage that enables you to tailor the news that you follow to suit your own interests, and share stories on Facebook and Twitter.

Click here to download the app: App Store - The Telegraph

Source: Telegraph Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android - Telegraph