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UK Military Ditches Samsung Phone for iPhone 7 Due to Security Concerns


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Jun 18, 2010
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British military using iPhone 7 instead of Samsung Galaxy.JPG

AppleInsider reports that according to TechRepublic, the UK Military of Defence (MoD) has chosen to use the iPhone 7 for secret communications, rather than the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 handsets that were initially used by the program.

“As more and more development and testing was done, the security wasn’t deemed to be sufficient,” said Steve Bunn, BT technical business manager for defense, about the Galaxy Note 4. Bunn told TechRepublic that the MoD will be using a modified iPhone 7 that can switch between different operational and security modes, depending on how sensitive the call is.

“We’ve been working very closely with [the MoD] to develop what we’ve commonly called a “dual-persona device,” said Bunn. “Essentially [it] means you can have voice at official and at secret.”

The military-use iPhone 7 units will also be adapted to make them suitable for retaining data of a sensitive nature, which would enable secrets to be stored and used later, when in the middle of a mission, for example. It could also be used to transport data.

BT business development director Derek Stretch also told TechRepublic that another reason for the MoD secret communications program switching to the iPhone 7 was because it is already much more widely used in other departments in the MoD.

Source: Insufficient Samsung security forces UK military communications project to switch to modified iPhone 7