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Twitter's Live Streaming Periscope App for iOS Gets a Big Update


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Nov 27, 2012
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Twitter's Periscope app for iOS users has been updated with a new feature that will allow users to take screenshots of a stream and share it with others. The most recent 1.2.1 version is a pretty big one, as it brings new features, as follows:
  • Screenshots - whenever someone takes a screenshot during a broadcast, a screenshot icon will appear right alongside hearts in the broadcast. You'll also see a convenient prompt to help you share the screenshot on Twitter.
  • Private Broadcasts with Mutuals - when selecting people to invite to a private broadcast, you'll now see a list of all your mutuals (people you follow who follow you back). With a single tap, you can select to invite everyone on the list
The app has also been updated with a bunch of fixes which have been annoying iOS users. So here's what's been taken care off:
  • sFixed a bug affecting certain broadcasters who are using iOS 9 devices
  • Fixed a bug causing orientation to get out of sync if the broadcaster changed rotation while the video was still loading
  • Fixed the "zero gravity" bug where, as a broadcaster, you could get your video to appear upside down
So, if you are interested in broadcasting live videos, you can do it easily by using the free Periscope app. Just go ahead and follow the link from below to download it.

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