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Tumblr iPhone and iPad app get redesigns for iOS 7


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Nov 27, 2012
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Tumblr, the microblogging platform and social networking that currently hosts almost 140 million blogs, has recently given a big overhaul to its iPhone and iPad apps to meet the design language of iOS 7.

Apple released iOS 7 on September 18, but only now, more than two months after, has Tumblr to release iOS 7 specific iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad apps. Version 3.5 brings a revamped user interface that follows overall aesthetics and animations of Apple’s latest iOS 7. The updated Tumblr app has a new user interface for composing, choosing a post style, and reblogging. Also, it includes a new autocomplete feature for tags and is now noticeably faster.

The app maintains the old functionalities and you can post photos, video, quotes, chats, links; manage multiple blogs with advanced controls and have easy camera access and offline support. Christian Zibreg from iDownloadBlog explains the features in detail:

The Explore screen now features a line of animated hashtag topics at the top. Creating a post no longer requires a preview to get a sense what the published story will look like live because the composer adopts WYSIWYG principles, a Godsent treat on the iPad’s larger canvas. Subtle iOS 7-like animations are all over the place. For example, the tab bar will expand outwards whenever a notification needs displaying. And when someone likes or reblogs your post, Tumblr will put up a nice in-app notification. Post tagging is made easier with autocomplete for tags. Many users don’t bother to apply any tags to their post and Tumblr’s improved search, which rolled out last month. This enhanced search coupled with autocomplete for tags may push those lazy Tumblr bloggers to reconsider their stance on tagging.

Yahoo! has recently finished its acquisition of Tumblr for approximately $1.1 billion, but David Karp, the founder and CEO, is still running the social network. Follow the direct link from below to the Apple AppStore to install the latest iOS version of Tumblr.

Source: iDownloadBlog
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