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Tumblr becomes native on iPhone


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Jul 27, 2011
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Lovers of microblogging website Tumblr, rejoice! The Tumblr app for iPhone just got a major makeover, transforming it into a completely native app for the smartphone and iPod Touch (but not for the iPad at the moment).

The new app features a re-designed Dashboard which is now situated in the center. It can now house larger photographs and their loading time has improved as well. New notifications have been also added to the platform along with auto-playing GIFs, and improved swipe gestures. Here’s the full list:

- Completely redesigned Dashboard — bigger photos and faster post loading.
- Spiffy new notification previews — see exactly which posts were liked, reblogged, or replied to!
- New blog screens with blog portraits and descriptions.
- GIFs play automatically on your Dashboard! Slide your finger across to view frame by frame.
- New gestures — swipe right on any screen to go back to the previous view; long tap photos, links, tags, and post headers for more options.

The improved notifications let users see which posts are liked and which got reblogged.

Tumblr dev Jeremy Johnson announced the new update on his Twitter account and posted a funny looking photo of himself in a Devil costume.

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Source - Tumblr Engineering - Tumblr for iPhone is now 100% native


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Nov 11, 2012
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The app provides adopted a different way of showing Tumblr blogs. Information and blog site portraits head the site,

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