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Treat Your iPhone to A Batman Utility Belt Holder!


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Jun 18, 2010
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If you're looking for a really snazzy way to protect and display your iPhone, and you have a spare $149.00 floating around, then how about this Batman Utility Pouch, as seen on ubergizmo?! Yes folks, the TDK Batman Utility Pouch is a functional replica of Batman's utility belt that keeps your iPhone snuggly and safe. The belt has two pouches that can be slid around the belt for when you don't want super villains to make a grab for your iPhone. Wearing this cowhide leather belt, which boasts a shiny bronze metal finish, an adjustable buckle and chrome studs, you really will be the envy of fellow crime fighters everywhere. The belt is strictly limited edition, with only 750 being made, and you can check it out here, superhero guys and gals. All joking aside, it does look kind of cool! Be quick if you want one though, as orders close on November 30, 2010. Note that the belt is only available to ship to Canada, USA, UK and Australia.

Source: Ubergizmo
oh man, that is badass! If I only had the spare cash LOL