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Travel Apps That Help You Plan Your Dream Vacation


Oct 3, 2011
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San Jose, CA


Say that you get time off work and you start thinking of your next dream vacation. Where to go? How much to spend? Where to sleep? Where to eat? Does the hotel also accommodate pets? So many questions to answer and maybe you don’t have time to tackle them all. Introducing travel apps for your smartphones – your bestest, most reliable, not to mention nicest travel agent you will ever meet. Here’s a list of a few apps that will help you plan the holiday, make sense of your ware bouts if your using the car, manage your finances, all without having to ask for help from anyone.

1. KAYAK for iPhone: this travel search engine in the world is with you wherever you go. The app includes flight and car search, hotel search and booking, and Flight Tracker and My Trips, so you can easily manage your itinerary. And of course, KAYAK for iPhone is free.

2.TripIt (for iPhone, Android and Blackberry) – this apps is said to drag traveling kicking and screaming into the 21st century. TripIt turns all your flights, hotel and rental car confirmation emails into simple, mobile travel itineraries just by hitting forward.

3. TripAdvisor – you probably already know the infamous
www.tripadvisor.comhttp://www.tripadvusir.com/. Well, they have a app too. The TripAdvisor mobile application is our brand new mobile app for the iPhone and Android phones. It includes everything you love about TripAdvisor, so that you can check the site on the go! Features include: hotels, attractions, restaurants, reviews, maps, flights.

4. City Maps 2 Go - This great navigation app not only offers Search in an offline mode, but also offers free unlimited map downloads. This is a great app for tourists on trips to the city as well as for locals who need a quick tool to navigate with their iPhone – online and offline.

5. Alfred – this app is for food lovers. Alfred aims to learn what types of restaurants and bars a user will like based on comparing a few of their inputted favorites to analysis of existing reviews from around the Web.

6. Foodspotting is the first and leading app that lets you find & rate dishes instead of just restaurants. Using this visual local guide, you can find dish recommendations from foodspotters, friends & experts like the Travel Channel.

7. Trailhead - Trailhead App is your one stop resource for exploration. Whether you’ve selected an existing trip or started a new one, Trailhead tracks your route, distance and speed.

8. iXpenseIt – helps you plan expenses by making you more aware of your saving and spending patterns. Even when you are on holiday!

9. Globe Convert - Quick and precise conversion of units (from imperial to metric for example) is an essential part of a design professional's work. Designed and produced by Ivan Karpan, Globe Convert is as useful in the office as on the move with hundreds of conversion possibilities covered. Available types of conversion include area, speed, distance, power, temperature and pressure.

10. SPOT - uses the GPS satellite system to determine location and the Globalstar satellite network to transmit that information to personal contacts or an international emergency response center

11. iTriage - is a new mobile and web health care platform, developed by two ER Physicians, that empowers people to make better health care decisions and improves health care delivery for providers and payers.