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Transmit live audio (from any source) to iphone 8


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Nov 12, 2022
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Hello everybody!

Being new in this forum I might have chosen wrongly, but I do have a real challenge for knowledgeable ios users.
Watch out: this is going to be tough!
I am rather hearing-impaired (quite deaf, so to speak).
My hearing-aids are mfi (made for iphone).
To me that is a fantastic experience: All audio on my iphone 8 can be transmitted directly to my hearing-aids.
Thus, without the help of other appliances I can enjoy directly e.g. music from youtube etc. etc.
Absolutely great. No words are good enough.

However, I am NOT able to get the audio signal from my tv relayed to my iphone.
I got me a bluetooth adapter (receive and transmit).
I linked (optical with toslink cable) the audio output from my tv to the bt adapter.
Unfortunately, I can only send the audio to bt speakers or bt headphones.
Obviously, my iphone would be my receiver of first choice!!!
If it only could.

Hence, dear know-it-all iphone users:
How do I make my iphone 8 receive the audio signal from my tv in live fashion???
My iphone thus will have to function as a bt headset oder speaker.

I believe to have searched the www for many many many dozens of hours.
Needless to say fruitlessly.

Anybody having useful suggestions?
Love to hear them.

Thank you very much
(the guy with the bad ears)

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