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Transfer Large Video Clip to PC


Jun 16, 2016
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How are you supposed to transfer large video clips from an iPhone 6s to a PC.

My son has an iphone that's a couple of generations older and he told me you just connect the iPhone to the PC. Well, we tried his and a box jumped open and it appeared to function something like a file manager.

We then connected my iPhone 6s to the same PC and nothing.

I've spoken to people who tell me they email photos back and forth. Well, videos appear to be photos on the iPhone but unless they are really short, I get the feeling the idea is to keep videos on the iPhone on which it was created. They are just too large to email.

I did some research on the internet and found a rather convoluted approach. I looked for and found the iTunes backup and then found the files. I looked for the largest files and assumed those were the videos I wanted. I added a .mov suffix and lo and behold double clicking the file opened the video player and played it.

There has to be a better way!!!!

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