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TrainVille - an original train-theme social game


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May 6, 2012
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TrainVille will guide you around the world by train. Here’s our first two station,Chain and USA! More country themes are coming.

Tons of awesome features:
-Travel around the world and build your Ville there.
-Discover and manage a wide range of business buildings, sure to make you feel surprised very moment.
-Assemble train and carriages with plenty of different patterns.
-Customize plenty of decorations on your carriages.
-Over hundreds citizen requests, having fun through giving citizens a hand!
-Talk with dozens of citizens for knowing what they are thinking.
-visit your friends’ Ville and send them your own gorgeous trains to maintain relationship with them.
-Playing scratch card to try your luck and earn unlimited screws.
-Enjoy the mini games.
-Gain free screws as much as you can by interacting with others and accomplishing requests.
-Get every in-game item without paying real money but only time.
-Social features support by using Game Center, Facebook and Twitter.

TrainVille requires an internet connection to play.
iPod touch users will need a Wifi connection.
TrainVille is free to play, but charges real money for some in app purchased items. If you don’t want this feature to be accessible, you may disable in app purchase by adjusting your device’s settings.

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