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tiny umbrella does not show device, so no shsh to restore with


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Mar 13, 2011
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Thanks to Jmills87 for helping me out much here.

I am still stuck with 3GS stuck in loop, shows apple icon, goes blank, shows apple icon etc. I bought this phone already unlocked with the 6.15 bb.

I thought this phone was JB and unlocked using cydia, but tiny umbrella unable to retrieve shsh.
This means every restore method I try ends in error 3194. I understand now that is because I do not have my shsh blob.

When phone is in dfu (using redsn0w) it does not display in TU at all. When in recovery mode, it does display, but with a ? mark. It will then display ECID, but no shsh. I do have TSS server running/connnected.

I don't know why TU is unable to retrieve shsh, maybe cydia was not used to unlock??

Anyway, as of now, phone is a brick.

What are my choices?
I will never be able to restore without my shsh.
Is there something additional I can do to get cydia to retrieve shsh (if it is even there)?
How can I upgrade, or do anything without my shsh?
Can I upgrade to 4.3.5?
Will I ever be able to unlock to use T-mobile again?

TU version is 5.00.10.
itunes version 10.4
redsn0w version 0.9.6b6
Win 7 O/S

At any rate, it seems to me having my phone to use again as an ipod is better than having a brick on my desk that will do nothing.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I do not know if I will have to find another phone, or if this one may be salvaged.

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