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Tim Cook Talks 'massive change' in the Auto Industry; Carefully Avoids Apple Car Rumors


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Jul 27, 2011
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Even though Tim Cook deftly avoided any "incriminating" Apple Car intel during his recent conversations at the WSJD Live event in Laguna Beach, California, he still couldn't help planting the seed for something down the line. Cook had choice words to declare regarding the auto industry, and if he is correct, then the big auto manufacturers should take notice.

According to Tim Cook's point of view, the entire auto industry is in for a huge shakeup over the next few years. In fact, Cook believes that the auto industry is moving rapidly toward a paradigm shift that will be nothing short of revolutionary. Cook pointed out that most of the the major technological innovations in the car industry show a marked shift away from traditional combustion engines into what he called the "electrification" of the vehicle.

Here are several quotes from his interview with a few more details,

8:45:23 PM PDT
"Software becomes an increasingly important component of the car of the future. Autonomous driving becomes much more important."

8:46:12 PM PDT
"And so a lot of the major technologies in the car shift. Electrification, etc — they shift from today's combustion engine-centric kind of focus. And so it would seem like there will be massive change in that industry, massive change."

8:46:37 PM PDT
"As we look at it, what we really want in the hopefully in the short term is, we'd like people as they enter their car to have an iPhone experience in their car."

8:47:49 PM PDT
"We'll see what we do in the future. But I do think that industry is at an inflection point for massive change. Not just an evolutionary change."

There you have it, straight from Apple's CEO. It seems obvious that Tim Cook has brilliantly laid the groundwork for a future push from Apple into the automobile markets. What do you think?

Source: TheVerge