This is the Best New iPhone Case Design on the Market w/ Strap!

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    Check out all the new designs Moderator edit...removed external links! Please read the forum rules.

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    See White Case w/ Tie-Dye pattern direct at this link below

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    The 3 Flex case for iphone 4/4S is a one of a kind, ergonomically functional smart phone case that works with our everyday functions. 3 Flex's unique sleek design and integrated soft, flexible finger harness provides maximum comfort and security during use and creates an excellent user experience. Single handed multitasking for browsing the Internet, make calls, text messaging, steady photo shots all become easier. 3 Flex's unique design provides comfort and support in both vertical and landscape positions as well as comfort for two handed games.

    In addition to the ergonomic hand support functions, the 3 Flex band cleverly twists and converts into a sturdy kickstand that has dual viewing angle positions. The kickstand function is ideal for all your table top landscape applications including video, alarm clock, hands free typing and more. The ergonomic design functions for our 3 Flex case may also benefit individuals who may have physical challenges.

    Many Stylish colors and strap designs are available!

    The slim form fitting cases fits perfectly on your iphone and the strap lays flat on the back side of the pone thus creating the thin, less bulky look that a lot of us desire with full ergonomic functionality. The unique strap designs are stylish and fun and can appeal to everyone. Check out the various designs by clicking on the product pages, organized by case color.

    Key Features:
    Vertical Support function allows for fully secure vertical support and security for all of the routine functions and allows for more comfortable hand positioning with better thumb reach across the whole screen. The most obvious feature is that it prevents the user from dropping their phone, like most of us do. The most noticeable feature is when you're lying in bed trying to text or play a game which can be frustrating trying to use two hands to hold the device. Steady camera shots and people that use their devices for work can also find the benefits of using the 3 Flex case.

    Landscape Support function allows for fully secure horizontal support for all of your landscape applications. Landscape support also allows for better hand positioning and thumb reach. Its great for wide shots and watching videos in wide view mode.

    Kickstand function allows for sturdy horizontal elevation of your device by twisting the strap and locking it in place. The kickstand operates in two angles by flipping the device around. The kickstand function is a priceless feature when it comes to watching videos, hands free touch screen use, alarm clock feature and many other desktop application.
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