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The Right Choice


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Feb 28, 2011
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Sometimes it is hard to make the ‘right’ decision in life. Our application "Right choice" will help you make up your mind! Here you will find a wide variety of wishes, punishments, slogans and actions which you can use in all variations, including editing them and adding your own texts.
To begin with you can check the two available modes, "Yes / No" and "He loves me / He loves me not." Press "Start" and then "Stop" to get the result.
There is a more advanced mode called "My list", in which you make up a list from which the application will make a choice. You can fill out the list with random wishes (or punishments, slogans and actions) automatically (there are 4 buttons) and/or manually edit any item in the list. Click on any item in the list and you will find yourself in the edit window, where you can select one of the preset lists, and then choose any item and it will appear in the box at the top. You can also edit the text box at the top. After doing it, click "Back" and the desired item in the list will be replaced. After you are done preparing the list – click "Play," and find out what decision you should make.
The length of your list you build yourself - Use the "+" and "-" buttons.
There are only two modes available for free, they are «Yes/No» and «He loves me/He loves me not». To use the third mode, you should purchase an add-on (0.99$).

Link in AppStore: App Store - The Right Choice
Price: Free (+in-app)