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The next iPhone might sport better graphics and a longer battery life


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Nov 27, 2012
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Apple’s next generation iPhone, rumored to be launched this summer, has been attributed a lot of futuristic features. But the rumor mill didn’t say too many things about its hardware properties. But now, new theories seem to indicate that the iPhone 5S will probably sport amazing graphics, which build on the capabilities of Series6 GPU cores (Rogue) by Imagination Technologies. Imagination just put out the PowerVR G6100 GPU core, which might be just perfect for the upcoming smartphone:

"The Series6 is Imagination’s premier GPU core for high-end mobile devices and DTV which can support the leading ed​​ge of graphics APIs and GPU compute APIs."

An argument for the above stated, might be the fact that members of the OS X team have recently crossed borders and have joined in the iOS development teams. Another improvement that Apple might bring to the table at the purported June event might be a longer lasting battery. Users have been reporting battery issues, ever since the dawn of the iPhone, and the company keeps trying to prolong the life of its devices as best as it can.

The Cupertino tech giant might try to combine its very own A-series processors featuring PowerVR GPUs with the latest Imagination Series5 GPU (found in the iPhone 5) in order to build better performing chips that won’t affect the battery’s performance so much. And because Apple also creates its very own mobile operating system, software and hardware can be synced in such a way, as to achieve optimal performance.

Source: ComputerWorld