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'The New York Times Now' App Becomes Free for iPhone Users


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Nov 27, 2012
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The New York Times has released a very important updated to its iOS news app NYT Now. The biggest change is that the app is now completely free. Previously, the subscription set back readers $8 per month for unlimited access. Here's how the official changelog of version 2.0 looks like:
  • The app is now completely free. You can read unlimited articles — no need for a paid subscription
  • The newest articles are highlighted at the top of the news feed
  • Subscribe to the Morning Briefing and receive an alert when it’s ready
  • Share screenshots of story summaries to get your friends caught up quickly, too
  • Redesigned cards tell you what’s happening clearly and simply
  • And now with 1Password support
The app has also undergone some minor design tweaks, and now it looks sharper on iPhone screens. To make up for lost subscription revenue, NYT Now will show instead advertising from sponsors. Thus, when you will first open the app, the welcome screen will show the advertising.

Source: iTunes

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