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The 'iPhone 6s' Might Yield Zero or Negative Growth, Says Analyst


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Nov 27, 2012
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A recent report coming from investment advising firm KGI predicts zero or negative growth for the next iPhone, citing weak Chinese economy and limited appeal of Force Touch. The information comes from an investment note which forecasts that Apple will sell between 65M and 75M iPhones, compared to 74.5M in the same quarter last year.

KGI's prediction is allegedly based on the weak state of the Chinese economy and the fact that Force Touch, one of the most important features, doesn't seem to impress customers. KGI further points out that Apple recently reduced its orders for the iPhone 6S, but only by 1%. Of course, once the new iPhones are here, they will sport new features and options, and these might be enough to maintain the current high demand.

Source: GforGames

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