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The iPhone 4 Camp-Out Thread


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA
Well guys, as the days get closer to the 24th, I am trying my best to subtract days in my head so I won't go crazy.

Basically 5 more days for me (the 23rd) but that is when I go start camping at 11 P.M. with a friend at the Apple Store. So I just ignore that last day, makes it feel sooner, at least in my head.

So this will be the camp-out thread for all of you people that are....camping out for the iPhone 4. I have my reservation but my friend doesn't so I will go wait with him for that reason. Also because if you camp out for something, then you finally get to buying it, it feels 20x sweeter =]

So this thread is for all you Campers to post pics/videos of you and/or your friends(if you have any :) ) passing the time until the stores open at 7 A.M.

For all of you "delivery" kids, your welcome to join the thread as well posting pics of you passed out in front of your door.

Courtesy of Dan =]
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this is one deciated apple fan i read onc hris pirillos website he pre ordered and does not even have to be there