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The iPhone 4 Antenna broken down by an Antenna Engineer (Unbiased)


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May 27, 2010
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I've been a bit curious as to the design of the iPhone 4's antenna -- was it snake oil? Is it legitimate or just a marketing tactic? If it's legitimate why does it have such "simple" problems with just the way people hold it?

Well, I'm not an expert so anything I say is just wild speculation. However, we now have some real details on the iPhone 4's antenna thanks to Antennasys - an Antenna engineering/consulting firm.

There's too much for me to quote here but if you are interested in the nitty gritty, jump on over to this link: Antennasys.com: Apple iPhone 4 Antenna
This is an issue for the nay sayer , since you have some radio knowledge you know clearly how to easily avoid this small trouble …. who can believe Apple will release a device not well finish or achieve ??? , of course can have some small details can be improve but not a so giant like this … anyway the future will told us
As noted in the article, I also have always had the tendency to hold my phones in a modified Vulcan grip :), and also have always had a case, so once I eventually hear from Radio Shack about their inventory and procure a phone, I doubt I'll have this concern.
I have noticed something: when I have my Defender installed I do not lose connections while traveling thru "normal dead spots." If the phone is naked I lost them every time. The outer rubber covering???
Simple mistakes often exist in great things,however, it won't ruin its reputation as well. I still take the iPhone 4 even I knew its antenna problem, and I'm glad to its performance so far...
You may try the iphone 4 bumper, I solved this problem with it..