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The Best Note Lock App Lock Your Tales for iPhone


Sep 25, 2012
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Hi everyone,

Have you imagine that notes in your iPhone are able to be secured and locked with a passcode?? I know sometimes, you just wanna write something down into your notes and don’t want to reveal them to anyone. Note Lock for iPhone - Lock your Tales can help you. From now on, you will never be afraid that someone will know your secrets!!!

Note Lock is now fully supported the latest iOS 7 and iPhone 5, 5s

$Note Lock Icon 200x200.jpg

Note Lock comes with real pencial and erase animation which is unique features and i bet you have't seen something like this before.


NEW! Lock Type: Folder Lock, Super discreet in iOS7 folder style.
NEW! Surveillance system, enter wrong passcode or pattern 3 times your recorded security camera will appear.
NEW! Anti Intruder System, any break-attemp will captured with photo&video and date&time.
NEW! Self-Destruction, 5 chances to correct passcode. After that, the app will automatically erase all data in this app. (Default is off)
NEW! Back up passcode to your e-mail.
Lock2 Technology: Passcode, Pattern lock and new folder lock!
Lock when inactive.
Double account to fool intruders.

NEW! Better Note search ability
NEW! Photo Gallery, tap and hold to view full photo or save to camera roll!
NEW! Sort your note by date / month
Photo attachment: add and drag your photos
Font Selection: More than 300 fonts available
Email sharing

Theme selection: more than 10 themes
More fun with pencil and eraser animations
Support landscape orientation
Discrete app name

Benefits from Note Lock
For business purposes
Secret ideas or information
Private journal with pictures and description
Class lecture
Love letter
And many more...

The new version of Note Lock is now available on the Apple App Store for both Free and Full version. You can try free version first. If you like it and would like to get more features, I suggest to use paid version.

App Store Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/note-lock-free-lock-your-tales/id469837533?mt=8


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